Xiaomi MIUI 9 ROM Download, Features and reviews

Xiaomi MIUI 9 ROM download, features and reviews information are here. After announcing that Chinese company Xiaomi has developing MIUI 9, the smartphone seeker people got that they are going to get something amazing. So many people are following and looking for update news about this smartphone. Obtaining the latest Android version from google, it is also become one of the most criticism upcoming smartphone. From this article, you can know more about Xiaomi MIUI 9 features and reviews including android nougat.

Xiaomi MIUI 9 ROM Download Reviews

The complete Xiaomi MIUI 9 ROM Download reviews is here. We are going to discuss the full article depending on those matters. So let’s know about Xiaomi MIUI 9 ROM. You can get an experience to use MIUI ROM by using Xiaomi Mi6 mobile.

Xiaomi MIUI 9 ROM

Quick and easy update

When your device needs updating, you have no need to do anything. The update process will be done automatically in background. It will be done while you will use your mobile normally.

Latest Android OS Nougat

Xiaomi regularly never updates android OS but this time they are going to provide regular latest update with latest upcoming android OS called Nougat. So you can enjoy MIUI 9 using Nougat version it also done huge improvement for saving battery better way.

So it is a brilliant feature that you can enjoy in Xiaomi MIUI 9 ROM.

Save your limited purchased internet data

Smartphone users know very well how annoying it is for extra internet data usage. So in Nougat you will get an excellent tool for saving data called data saver. It helps you to stop all the ridiculous charges.

For example, if you are using metered cellular or Wi-Fi connection then the data saver will disable background running of the internet just like twitter notification or new email notification. So that you can save lots of data on your smartphone.

If you want to run all of the data usage certainly then you can turn it on from data saver settings. So you can easily do personalized as you want.

Latest Emoji Designs

Here you will get 72 latest new emoji designs that added very recently.  This design will also help to look like a human rather than cartoon figure.

Better Security Update For Securing Device

For securing your personal data better there are lots of new improved features and options which you may looking for. So here important phone app like text messages and call will work automatically without sign in using private pin or password but this time you can lock them as well.

Beside other apps of your smartphone, can be possible to lock down so you can secure your private data as well. No one can access your private data if the smartphone is stolen or lost.

This time use your smartphone at work

Are you interested to use your smartphone at work or using it via a managed system? This time you have no need to use any additional things because you will get everything on Xiaomi MIUI 9 ROM.

Multi-Windows Tasking Like Windows 10

Windows 10 has multi-window tasking and lots of people interested to get it in their smartphone. This is the time for joy enjoying the multi-window tasking in smartphone. By using this, you can easily see more than one screen on your phone at a time.

That mean you can split your screen in half and can run different apps easily. In smartphone it will be across the top and bottom of the screen and side by side on a tablet.

You can reply to using improved notifications

Through the android nougat, you can directly able to reply a notification. You have no need to open the application for notification. You have also no need to install extra elements to get this extra feature. Everything will be there in build in and just need to do scroll in notification area and hit reply button. That’s all.

However, if you want to reply long then you can also open the application through notification area same as before we did.

The phone battery will be more longer

From the Marshmallow version, the new innovative solution of reducing the battery charge is started. If you are a Marshmallow user and before uses the other android OS version, then hopefully you got clear vision about it.

Xiaomi MIUI 9 Release Date and History

We all know that Xiaomi is not always providing regular update for their smartphone as well. The MI 4 smartphone is launched in 2014 including android KitKat 4.4 version with MIUI 6. In 2015, the Chinese company upgraded the UI to 7 but the smartphone remains in KitKat. After all, In MIUI 9, they are going to upgrade the android operating system version to the latest one.

So, if you are looking for the release date then before you must need to know that Xiaomi still have to release MIUI 8 and various release to their smartphones. The Xiaomi MIUI 8 ROM update starts at 16th August 2016. So if we guess the expected release date for Xiaomi MIUI 9 will be the second half of the current year.

In conclusion, Xiaomi MIUI 9 ROM is become an essential topic for being one of the most recognized amazing product in smartphone industry. This time it is going to be more close. Don’t go anywhere, please stay tuned for more update.