WinRAR App for PC Free WinRAR Free Download

WinRAR App for PC is very important or essential app for your laptop or desktop that means for your personal computer (PC). Do you want to make ZIP or RNR file by using your PC? Yes, you can easily create and view Zip file by using this popular and important app.  You can share file easily in social media like Facebook, Whatsapp by this type file. You can download WinRAR from their official website. There are all about WinRAR App for PC is discussed below only for you.

WinRAR App for PC

WinRAR APP for PC Free Download

WinRAR first released on 22nd April 1995. You can use this essential and popular app in forty-one languages. If anybody wants to use WinRAR app for PC on his PC, he/she must have Windows XP or later windows version on his/her computer. Eugene Roshal is the developer of WinRAR app. Here are the details of WinRAR APP for PC is discussed only for you.

WinRAR APP for PC Features

  1. Easily create Zip or RNR file within few moments. Anybody can quickly also view these types of files besides make these kinds of data.
  2. You can very simply make multi ZIP or RNR file at the same time or the same moment.
  3. It easily supports all types of data which are great feature of this app.
  4. WinRAR supports NTFS type files.
  5. It has non RAR support management only for you.
  6. WinRAR supports up to sixteen GB file to convert.

What’s new in Free WinRAR App for PC latest version?

The developer of this app tries to develop its features over time to time. Its new features give you an extraordinary experience. Its new features are presented below for you.

  • It supports most of the file format.
  • You can extract UTC type file by using the new version of WinRAR.

Disclaimer: WinRAR Developer Credit

The Developer of WinRAR is Eugene Roshal.

RARLAB offers this App.

Developer email:

win.rar GmbH

Marienstrasse 12

10117 Berlin.


How to Use WinRAR  in Your PC

Using this valuable app in your PC is straightforward. If you don’t know the using ways, just follow the instruction which is discussed below only for you.

  • At first, go to their official website to download this app.
  • Secondly, click on download option.
  • Select in which language app you want to buy because this app has forty-one languages version.
  • Complete the download option.
  • After finishing download find out this app from your desktop or laptop.
  • Install this app.
  • At last, enjoy this great app.

WinRAR APK Download for Android Mobile and WinRAR IOS Download for iPhone

Do you want to use WinRAR app in your android and IOS phone? If you want to use this on your device, you can do it. You have just to download this popular app from the internet.

WinRAR for Android: Download.

WinRAR for IOS: Download.

However, WinRAR is an essential app to save your valuable time and money. You can instantly create and view zip or RNR file. Thank you very much for reading Viber app for PC.