Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Release Date, Price, Specs, Reviews

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Release Date, Price, Specs, and Reviews are here. The renowned brand Samsung has launched their new model Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro in China. And soon it will be available all over the world. Especially this brand lover waiting eagerly for its release date.

This phone has signed lots of people over its excellent specification. With lots of updates, this brand will be a lucrative model to all of us. Lately, we hear a lot of gossip about this phone, but don’t worry; we will give you the exact data about Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro with all of its specification but it is collected from official. Let’s dig in.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Release Date January 2017

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro release date

Although Samsung has released this new phone in China. But rest of the world is waiting for this brand phone. This brand was first interviewed in a Chinese event. Later they launch this phone exclusively in China. Tech lover and reviewer already have this phone ordered from China and start doing a review. It’s assumed that Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro will be released in January 2017.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Specification

This new Samsung variant has lots of specification. And we would love to write about this excellent new phone. In this model, lots of things have changed, and I’m sure people going to love this device.

The New Snap Dragon 653 Octacore Processor

Samsung C9 Pro has 653 octa-core processor which is better than the previous 652. And this processor can increase your speed up to 8.5 percent. Changing the processor and upgrade it for the new device might play the game for Samsung. Many people start liking it. Especially the incident in Airplane, Someone changes the wifi name.


64 GB internal storage and 256 GB expandable memory. Wow, this is something great news for the people who love to store different movies, songs, and files. But the problem is almost 80% or more people might not use this space they are getting on their phone. But build in 64 GB memory is a huge plus for this brand. Some People love the storage and buy phones which have high storage. So, space lover this phone is for you.


Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro has launched this phone set with 6 GB ram. I mean it 6 GB. For a phone this amount of ram is huge. So you can enjoy the speed and different games on this phone. Nobody likes a phone which gets hang or slows in sweeping. The World is changing so do our smartphones. Every other company is trying to bring best out of best. And here Samsung plays a great role.


This new Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro has a very powerful battery. 4000 Air battery which can give you a longer period of uses time without continuously charging. With 4k impair battery, you can easily use one day or more time without charging.

Dedicated Sim & Micro SD Slots

Using dedicated double case slots for the sim is a great move. Alongside, they also used dedicated micro SD slot in Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. This feature is amazing and easy to change SD cards. The pinning clips are in the box and come free with this handset. I hope you will like this feature. To change sim cards or micro SD will be easier than it was.

Double 16 MP Camera of Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

16 megapixel is nothing new. Many branded phone set has this feature, But Samsung come with this brilliant idea to make the front camera to 16 megapixels too. Recent time’s people are more into selfies than the normal picture. So, this might be the best trump card to branding new Samsung in a different way. And so far, people start liking it.

This phone has double LED flash to utilize perfectly taking photos.

Metalic Body

This new phone device is built in metallic body. The great metallic finish body is charming. And it feels great to use this phone.

Improvement on 4G Speed

On a recent question to the Samsung authority on the uses of Snapdragon new processor, what are the benefits of it? They said that this new Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro has a vast improvement on its 4G internet speed. If this is true, then it’s great news for Samsung lover. And extra benefit on using the internet, who don’t want it. Planning on grabbing one of this brand set.


Android Nougat or 7 series has already on its peak to release. But the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro launched in China using Marshmallow 6.0.1. Then again we have to wait until January 2017 to buy this phone globally. As Samsung planning on launching this device on 2017. There is a better chance we can get this phone with Android Nougat. I can’t guarantee it, but it’s the possibility.


This phone has 6-inch OELD HD display parameter. The design and color look lucrative. With 1080 x 1920 pixels (~367 PPI pixel density), this phone screen would sure look ravishing.

Home Button with Finger Scanner

Home button plus scanner is very easy to use yet very fast. If you lock your phone just press the home button with the finger, you set on your phone. Within seconds the set will be unlocked. This feature is fantastic.


NFC, USB Type-C, a 3.5mm headphone jack, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, and Bluetooth v4.2.


Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is 185 to 190 grams, which is comparably light.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Price

Last November this phone was released in China, and the price is 3199 yuan, which is approximate $460 to $470. This phone worth this price. And single penny won’t be wasted.

The Korean-based mobile phone Company Samsung brought Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro as the ace for their brand. Already this phone got a tremendous response from this brand lover. After launching this device worldwide, this brand will be a global hit.

In this phone the specifications are perfect. The design is great. Every single detail is very fashion oriented and upgraded. It looks like Samsung is waiting for massive hits in the market.