Must have iPhone apps | Make your iPhone more functional

Must have iPhone apps are necessary to make your smartphone more functional. If you are an iPhone user then you need some must have apps for your iPhone. In spite of the largest selection of apps on iPhone, it’s also the most frustrating to find the best one.

must have iPhone apps

So, here, I am highlighting the iPhone apps that help you to stay connected, productive, informed, and entertained as well that provided by iPhone 7 concept.

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Must have iPhone apps 2016 for free download

Here are some essential iPhone apps 2016. You can download all the best free iPhone apps 2016 from here. And hope these will add value to your smartPhone.


Perhaps, you wouldn’t think it based solely on the name, but I think the best email client on iOS is Microsoft Outlook. The main reason is it includes everything you need in an email client. It includes a lot of features like unified inbox, customizable swipe options, powerful search, and a solid filtering system as well. However, the Outlook blows Apple’s default Mail app out of the water.  So, if you’re looking for something with more power, I think Outlook is the perfect choice for you.

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If you are a little bit reluctant to deal with Microsoft, the next logical choice   is Spark. It is a fantastic email app in its own right. The app does everything Outlook does. In addition, it adds in a smart inbox that’s much better than Outlook has. Moreover, it has a lot of customization options that can help to make it your own.

Evernote or OneNote

If you want a notes app, it’s very easy to find out. But things are a lot more complex these days. And you have tons of solid options now. So, If you like a lot of features, blow for blow, OneNote and Evernote are the most comparable for you. They are offering you to save images, integrate IFTTT. They have tons of folders, special recipe filters, and many more essential options for your convenient.

However, the catch, really, is that OneNote’s free. But, the Evernote’s best features are locked behind a paywall . In fact, these everything buckets aren’t for everyone though.


If you think plain text is enough for you, simplenote is the perfect app that you like. The list of features is not so long in this app so far. Simplenote is really very simple. It just can make text, and it does it very well.

Google Keep

But, if you’re looking for something in-between these, Google Keep is good choice for you. The app is powerful, but still pretty simple. Certainly, you’ll get a lot more out of Google Keep.

However, the Apple’s default Notes app has made a lot of strides over the years.  So, if you haven’t checked it out recently, give it a look immediately. The app fits somewhere in-between everything buckets of Evernote and OneNote and Google Keep. So, enjoy the apps!

Google Hangouts or Skype

If you think about video calling, then Skype has long been the king in this section.  But very recently Google introduced Google Hangouts that is giving it a run for its money. And this feature keeps it in must have iPhone apps  list for your smartPhone.

Why? The reason is very simple! It is pretty much everyone already has a Google account.  And, that’s all your need to use Google Hangouts. You can make video calls instantly with this app. and it doesn’t cost you a dime actually.

But, you have to keep in mind that Skype is still the king of VOIP.  And the most people have this app. However, both of the apps work great for video chats. So, you can pick whichever suits you best.


Facebook app for iPhone does a good job of providing you with a solid mobile experience. But it’s mainly handy on your iPhone for when you need to double-check event.So, you can get this social app for your iPhone. But, if you’re not a fan of the app, the mobile site works even better for you.

Find My iPhone

This iPhone app has been a staple of iOS for a long time. But it doesn’t reduce its worthwhile. However, with this amazing iPhone app, you can easily track down your iPhone if it’s stolen, or if you could not remember where you keep your iPhone.

So, If you’re the type to leave your phone sitting around, Find My iPhone is a must have iPhone apps for you.


The Camera+ app of iPhone turns your tiresome old iPhone camera into a feature-rich point-and-shoot camera. The app is fast and it can snap great photos. Moreover, you can improve your pictures, get rid of red eyes. Even you can add special effects with the iPhone camera app.

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Pandora is a great music app that does exactly what it’s believed to do. It provides you a stream of music that you don’t need to think that much about.


The Spotify is an app that also excels on iOS. In spite of being a paid subscriber to Spotify, you can stream artist radio stations that the Pandora app does. Moreover, you can do all sorts of cool things with this iPhone music app that you might not realize.

Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu

Another must have iPhone apps are Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. If you want to watch TV shows and movies on your iPhone you have a lot of options. And most of them are pretty similar.

It really depends on what you’re paying for to watch on your TV. The reason is the most part the apps for Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu are all pretty similar. Just have they loaded up on your iPhone; you’ll finally be able to plow through that backlog.

Kindle or iBooks

It’s really hard to distinguish between any of the e-reader apps on the iPhone. The reason is all the apps are pretty similar. They all allow you to read books on your phone. Most of the apps are tied to an account on the store they’re part of. So, if you’re using an iBooks reading app on another device, then that’s the logical choice for you. It’s also applicable for the Kindle app. So, pick the e-book app that works best for you.


It’s a health app for iPhone. When it comes to running apps, you have a lot of choices.  But when it boils down to it, RunKeeper and Strava are the best iPhone health apps.

Both the apps track your runs. They can show you a feed of what your friends are doing. Moreover, strava has additional benefit of being more geared towards cyclists as well. So, the app works great.

In conclusion, all these must have iPhone apps may enhance your smartphone’s functionality. And you can get all the apps from here . So, get your desired iPhone apps and make your iPhone more functional.