iPhone video app: Get the free video editor for your iOS device

iPhone video app is such a video making app  that people searches desperately in the web. And hope you are also finding the best video editing app for iPhone in internet. Some people also find the best video editing app for android in the search engine along with the best ipod video apps.

iPhone video app

But why the people search these iPhone camera apps in the web? It’s because they all want to make their iOS devices more functional. So, in this article I will talk about some free iPhone video apps for you. However, in my earlier post I talked about DSLR camera apps for iPhone, and you can also read more related post from www.iPhone7concept.com.

Get the best iPhone video app

I know that people are searching the web for getting the best video downloader app for iPhone. And some are desperate to get the best video player app for iPhone . But all these iPhone video camera apps are not free. Sometimes you need to pay for it. So, are you looking for the best free video editing app for iPhone?  Well, here is the list of some free movie apps for iPhone you would love.

1. Socialcam

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This free iPhone video app is perfect for social share. Just Think Socialcam as the   best video app for instagram for web videos.

You can add filters to your videos and then share it with your social networks with this video making app.

Besides this, the Socialcam also allows you to watch your uploaded videos anywhere on any devices.

One can also shoot video in 720p HD quality with the movie apps for iPhone and, utilize HDR functionality to color-correct videos in real time with the iPhone 3g video apps.

2. Magisto

This iPhone video camera app is very easy to use. And if you’re looking for a shortcut way to edit your videos from your iPhone, then this video editing app is perfect for that.

So how does it work? Just upload your video, select your theme and music, and this iPhone video app with music will do the work for you. It’s simple! However, this iPhone video app will automatically select the best scenes from your videos and create short videos for you.


The Viddy iPhone movie app is another interesting video app for iPhone. Like the Socialcam, this app has also the multiple filters. And you can enhance the look and feel of the video as well as more audio tracks for sound effects with this iPhone video app. However, the Viddy recently partnered with YouTube to launch a weekly viral video web series to hype up the app.

4. Cute Cut

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This is professional video editing software for iPhone. And you can make your video more professional with this iPhone video camera app.

However, the software guides novice users to get started using helpful pop-ups.

In addition, this iPhone video app has some interesting features. You can choose 20-plus pre-made transitions to add to your final video product. Also, it has the option to place an existing movie inside the movie you’re working on, it’s fantastic!

5. YouTube Capture

iPhone video app

The YouTube Capture is YouTube’s very own video editing app for iPhone.

You can shoot and edit videos from your smartphone in 1080p HD quality with this video editing app. Moreover,

You can share your edited video with your friends on Facebook and Twitter instantly through this iPhone video app .

In addition, this video making app has some interesting features. It can remind you to rotate your phone during filming or image stabilizer and even in soundtracks.

6. iMovie

If you want to compile a list of various video editing solutions for the iPhone, you can not leave out the Apple’s iMovie application.

The iMovie iPhone video app is able to take advantaged of Apple’s latest features. It supports 3D touch and 1080p HD videos at 60fps. Moreover, it can take ultra high-definition 4K footage.

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However, the exclusive themes of this app allow users to add matching titles, transitions, and music to their videos. And you need not   to worry about cohesive design.

In addition, you can access your movies across iCloud. Also you can access via Apple TV with iMovie Theater. Another interesting thing is you can upload videos directly to CNN iReport with this app.

So, these are the iPhone video camera apps that are totally free. You can make your smartphone video more interesting and functional with the iPhone video app stated above. So, enjoy the apps & get cheered!