iPhone Firmware: Download iOS firmware file based on your iPhone model

iPhone firmware refers to the operating system of a  phone. It is like an operating system of a PC. However, the iOS operating system contains all the pre-installed apps of an iPhone’s like Mail, Safari and Notes.

Moreover, it contains the phone’s internal programming too. In fact, the internal programming controls processes such as booting and connecting to the cellular network.

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In this article I will explain about iPhone firmware up gradation process. And I will also tell you what iOS firmware is perfect for your smart device. But before entering into the main topic let me explain the history of iOS firmware at first that provided by iPhone 7 concept.

iPhone Firmware: know the iOS  firmware History

The first iPhone firmware was iOS 1. It was released with the original iPhone in 2007. But after that the firmware updates brought major changes in it. In the year of 2008, iOS 2 was released with the support for third-party apps via Apps Store.

In 2009 iOS 3 came out with the ability to copy and paste text, voice control and push notifications. The Apple released iOS 4 in 2010 featured with multitasking and app folders facility. The Siri was incorporated in 2011 with iOS 5. And, it removed the need to sync and update the phone via a computer.

In addition, the iOS 6 added a notification center in 2012. It integrated Facebook into the system and replaced Google’s Maps app with a new version designed by Apple.

How to update iPhone Firmware

Now you can update all models of iPhone feature firmware via iTunes on the computer. It’s as simple as it. So, what do you need to do? Let m tell you the simple process.

At first connect your iPhone to the computer. Then select the phone in the iTunes menu and click “Check for Updates”. After that your device will start to update the iPhone firmware.

However, may be your IPhones already running with iOS 5 or newer version of iOS can also update directly without having a computer. In this stage, select the “Software Update” option found under “General” in the Settings app. But in This method your iPhone requires a battery at least half full and a Wi-Fi connection. It’s very simple, right?

Download iOS firmware file based on your iPhone Model

If you are determined to update your iPhone firmware but could not understand what iOS file to download, the below chart will help you. According to the model number of your iPhone, you can easily identify which iOS firmware file you need to download. You can easily find the model number of your iPhone on its back cover. See the image.

iPhone firmware

See the table below to find out the identifier for your iPhone. you can easily figure out which iOS firmware file to download for your iPhone.

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iPhone 2GA1203GSMiPhone1,1
iPhone 3GA1241GSMiPhone1,2
iPhone 3GSA1303GSMiPhone2,1
iPhone 4A1332GSMiPhone3,1
?GSM Rev AiPhone3,2
iPhone 4SA1387GSM+CDMAiPhone4,1
iPhone 5A1428GSMiPhone5,1
iPhone 5sA1433GSMiPhone6,1
iPhone 5cA1456GSMiPhone5,3
iPhone 6 PlusA1522GSM/North AmericaiPhone7,1
A1593China MobileiPhone7,1
iPhone 6A1549GSM/North AmericaiPhone7,2
A1589China MobileiPhone7,2

Based on the identifier for your iPhone model, you can download the appropriate iOS firmware file or iOS software update for your iPhone from our download

Here are the direct links for the iOS firmware updates that have been released for the iPhone by Apple so far.

Hope this article helps you to find out your right iPhone firmware download solution. Please leave a comment if you find it helpful.