iPhone 7 Plus review: what we expect from the next iPhone 7 Plus ?

iPhone 7 plus review will give you an precise overview about the smartphone. As we guess the iPhone 7 plus will be unveiled in less than a month in September 2016. So, if you’d prefer to read about the iPhone 7 plus, head over to our iPhone 7 plus review. By the way, this article will update you on iPhone 7 plus when the product launches next month!

However, we expect to see a new iPhone 7, and a larger size iPhone 7 Plus in the following month. And this is what we’ll be discussing in this article.

In fact, we will go through the leaked photos and apparatus that have emerged from Apple’s labyrinthine hardware supply chain. We will also talk about specs to insider sources and weigh put up the words of industry experts. So, we are going to articulate the iPhone 7 Plus’s design, features, and likely tech specs in our iPhone 7 Plus review.

iPhone 7 plus review on its design

in this section, we will discuss iPhone 7 plus design. We will try to give you an overall idea about the design of this upcoming smartphone. So, let’s start.

iPhone 7 plus review

iPhone 7 Plus Home button

The widespread rumor is the iPhone 7 plus home button is either going to be substantially redesigned or removed entirely.

In this connection, Piper Jaffrey analyst Gene Munster has recommended that the iPhone 7 plus won’t have a home button. Rather than that the Touch ID sensor will be built into the screen itself. But what the Apple likes to do?

iPhone 7 plus home button

In response, Apple may instead keep the Home button, but they will modify it. One prospect is that it will change the button from a moving to a non-moving part. It may be equipping instead with the haptic technology from the MacBook’s Force Touch trackpad. In other words, it would be ‘buzz’ when you apply pressure to create a downward press, while the actual fact is not moving at all.

iPhone 7 plus review on its new features

The rumor says that there are many new features are coming in the next iPhone 7 plus . So, what new features can we expect from the iPhone 7 plus? To know, read the iPhone 7 plus review on new features below.

The Smart connector

The recently leaked schematics of the iPhone 7 Plus hint that it will come with a three-point Smart Connector. The connector will be much like the iPad Pro. However, the iPhone 7 plus is expected to have it near the bottom of the back surface rather than on the left-hand edge.

The Smart Connector would enable the iPhone 7 plus for charging or speaker docks.

The Wireless charging

We have heard this rumor many times before that iPhone 7 plus will come with a Wireless charging system. But this charging system could be a reality for this generation of iPhone . But is it possible at this time?

The inductive charging system wasn’t a practical option for iPhone models in the past. Because the technology at that time was unable to transmit power through an aluminum back plate, explains the iMore .However, In July 2015 Qualcomm announced a wireless charging tech that does work through metal. But, it was too late for the iPhone 6s and 6s plus.

iPhone 7 Plus review on its Waterproofing features

One of the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo claimed that The Apple had tested their waterproof designs for the iPhone 7 plus.

When we say waterproofing, we mean appropriate, formally certified waterproofing, they added.

Apart from this, we know that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are pretty good at dealing with submersion. Though some brave buyers early discovered it; however, they never revealed this as a feature when the devices  launched.

Lastly, these are the iPhone 7 plus review on its design and new features. In my next article, I would like to write an iPhone 7 plus review on its screen, camera, Battery life, Processor, RAM, Price and release date, Storage, and Color options. So, until then stay connected.