iPhone 7 image Leaks: Whats new in the next iPhone ?

iPhone 7 image is leaked by Mr. Steve Hemmerstoffer, editor of Nowhereelse.fr in his twitter account .He  leaked many pre-release parts several times in the past year correctly. It’s really great!

However, many of the details of the iPhone 7 are well established now. Like It would be physically similar to the existing iPhone 6S and 6S plus. But it could have an improved camera.

Moreover, it contains a new rear design with hidden antenna lines too.

So, www.iphone7conept.com is articulating all the leaked iPhone 7 image findings in this article for your better understanding.


What do the leaked iPhone 7 image represent?

Here are the latest leaked images of iPhone 7 from Steve Hemmers offer.

latest iphone 7 image leak



The image up top is an image of the “dual-lens” camera. And it could be a feature on the iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 pro model.


In addition, you will find a couple of things to notice in these photos, if the images are genuine. Find the the detail explanation of the iPhone 7 images.


iPhone 7image for Improved camera

The photo implies the iPhone 7 will have a camera lens with larger diameter than iPhone 6. It suggests the iPhone 7 camera will have better performance in low-light and fast-moving situations.

Latest iPhone 7 image leaks

Apart from these, the new camera will be with a bigger CMOS sensor than the ones found in iPhone current models.

In addition, a bigger imaging sensor would increase the light sensitivity. And this light sensitivity makes it easier to achieve intentionally blurred backgrounds. You can get such a picture quality only with a DSLR camera .


Moreover, the increased light sensitivity could improved low light performance in which areas iPhone cameras struggle the most.


iPhone 7image: Clean back shell

The image notices that the back shell of the iPhone 7 should look a lot cleaner than the iPhone 6 and 6S. It looks great! It notices the antenna lines crossing its back.

iPhone 7 image - clean back shell

iPhone 7image: No port for headphones

If you see the photos carefully, you notice that it’s going to be missing a port for plugging in headphones. Now, we know what’s going to replace the headphone port on the iPhone 7: it’s another speaker.

iPhone 7 image -no headphones port

However, can you guess the reason why Apple would remove a useful port? It may be the move is in preparation for the coming iPhone 8 in 2017.


In fact, iPhone 8 is coming with bigger upgrade than the iPhone 7. The iPhone 8 will come with wireless charging, a bigger and better screen and a new glass body.


iphone 7color in Space Black: front & back-side

Finally, the latest iPhone 7 image leaked provides us a clear idea about upcoming iPhone 7 in September 2016. In Addition, Hemmerstoffer says that the mass production of the iPhone 7 has already started in China. So we are waiting for more iPhone 7 leaks in the coming days.