iPhone 7 home button: A flat Home button for next iPhone seven?

iPhone 7 home button is going to be simply a flat home button. The rumors stated that the iPhone 7 might have a flat Home button which need not click when you press it.

Rather than, the button will have force touch with haptic feedback. So, pressing the button will result in a small vibration instead of a visible, physical response.

However, the iPhone 7 home button rumor first came out with blurry. Most probably it was a fake spy photo from mobipicker (via 9to5Mac). The photo seems to show a very flat-looking iPhone home button.iphone 7 home button

Moreover, Cowen and Company analysts backed up the report who refer to field research as well as their own predictions.


Besides this, A fully flat iPhone Home button could have 3D Touch prospective too.

iPhone 7 home button: The recent rumors

The new leaks of iPhone 7 home button suggest that Apple is rethinking about its next iPhone home button. Supporting to this rumor, the most recent images to surface appear to present this feature not as a button. Rather than it is a touch sensitive pad.

Moreover, the Sources say  the new iPhone home button will be flush with the body, instead of protruding from the bottom bezel. The users will have tapping function to activate specific functions with this new home button.

iphone 7 home button

As we stated before, MobiPicker reported the blurry photos for the  first time.  And,  it points out the missing metal ring which is currently encases the iPhone 7 home button.

Also, the images suggest that the upper and lower areas of the bezel are much narrower than the iPhone 6 family. Additionally, the front camera and proximity sensor have both exchanged their position so far.

However, the sources confirmed that the touch-sensitive design will be applied in next iPhone 7. The sources told the MobiPicker, “This iPhone 7 home button is perfectly in level with the rest of the bezel and cannot be pressed.”

iPhone 7 home button: The user prospects

If the new iPhone home button feature is implemented, users will have tapping functions to activate functions.To activate Siri just tap and hold or double tap to see a specific category of apps with this new iPhone 7 home button.

iPhone 7 home Button


Besides, with the new touch ID, users can expect a much smother and faster experience than they do with their current handset.
But, the change of iPhone 7 home button not only will make the iPhone 7 sleeker, but also removing the protruding. Besides, moveable home button allows Apple to make the upcoming line much slimmer than the 7.1mm iPhone 6S.

iPhone 7 home button: Is flat iPhone home button plausible?

With the rise of installment plans and the iPhone 7 home button upgrade program, we expect that Apple to keep making little tweaks that make its phones more durable. And, this will make them a  good enough shape for  possibly refurbished and resold.

So yes, this is very plausible to have a flat home button for next iPhone 7.  And,  we think Apple could pull it off where the experience is the same.

Lastly, it seems that every week new iPhone leaks surface describing a new feature or method of Apple’s madness. But,  the idea to replace the indented home button might not be so farfetched. And as per the recent rumor, we  expect the new iPhone 7 home button will be flat so far.