iPhone 7 design is really like iPhone 6? What says Officially?

Hi, welcome to iPhone7concept.com. Unfortunately, iPhone 7 design won’t offer many new features or design changes over previous version iPhone 6, which is really disappointing for the iPhone lovers. Recently a new report backs up this iPhone 7 design rumors.

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iPhone 7 design, what’s the matter of?

The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus may offer only one major hardware change in its design. The change is, no more standard audio jack, said the Wall Street Journal in its report. As an alternative, Apple would use the Lightning port for audio.

The Apple may keep the size of its new iPhone 7 fixed with a 4.7-inch iPhone 7 and 5.5-inch for iPhone 7 Plus. And, neither will see a major shift in design, says the Journal.

In response to the question, why this year’s phone will include no must-have new features? An Apple official reportedly said that “The new technology in the pipeline will take time to implement.”

A new Apple iPhone 7 design rumor from Japanese Apple blog Mac Otakara predicts two new potential design changes coming, albeit minor ones on the surface.

iPhone 7 design and features: What’s new?

The new iPhone 7 is expected to launch in September 2016 with very few new design and features.

Anyway, there is a rumor that this year’s iPhone will feature a longer ear speaker, according to the Japanese Apple blog post.

Moreover, the ambient light sensor will swap its positions from left to right side of the phone. it automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness based on the surrounding light.

In addition, according to the Mac Otakara Bolg the proximity sensor is going to adopt a “dual specification.” It could mean the smartphone will have two such sensors. And, these help to provide faster and more accurate readings. The sensors determine the distance between the phone and your ear.

Finally, the rear camera face on the iPhone 7 design will become a little bit larger. The blog said that the iPhone 7 Plus will sport a dual rear camera. And this rumor has surfaced several times in the past.

Will be the best iPhone design in 2017?

This year in iPhone 7 design has no remarkable changes. So, we can  think that the best iPhone features may wait until  2017. Fortunately for the lovers of the great phone it’ll be the Apple smartphone’s 10th anniversary.

So, You can expect a major shift in iPhone 7 design in 2017. The Wall Street Journal notes that Apple hopes to use curved OLED display screens. The display will be with a fingerprint scanner  underneath it. But, that weren’t ready for this year’s iPhone 7 models.

In addition, a report says that the company is interested in ditching the clickable home button. And, it  creates a phone with a true edge-to-edge screen.

So, it can help a unclickable thumb landing pad. Currently it is functioning as a fingerprint sensor.

Moreover, if no one can certainly say what plan is going for the iPhone 7 design. But there’s surely a lot of hot gossip room about iPhone 8 rumors.

In a last word, we can say this year the iPhone 7 design is going to change in a very minor way. According to The Wall Street Journal and the apple official statement, iPhone 7 design is very similar to previous version iPhone 6. But, we firmly believe that the next iPhone 8 would come with huge vibrant changes in its design and features.