iPhone 7 color rumor: what color is added to the next iPhone?

iPhone 7 color rumor is getting lauder day by day.  Though, the new iPhone 7 won’t come out until September this year, but that won’t stop the most expected smartphone rumor mill at all.

However, iphone 7 mass production is already underway for the big September launch. But recently a new iPhone 7 leak suggests some last minute upgrades.iphone 7 color

In this article we will let you know the recent iPhone 7 color rumor. Moreover, you will get the assessment whether the iPhone 7 color rumor seems legit or absurd from our website www.iphone7concept.com as well. Also, we’d love to hear your thinking about iPhone 7 color rumor. Expecting your comments.

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iPhone 7 color scheme : Deep Blue for new iphone 7 ?

iPhone 7 color is important to its users, As the color represents the user’s taste directly.  However, we get the reliable information from a Chinese supplier regarding iphone 7 LCD glass surface.

As per the supplier, Apple is going to release the LCD glass surface of the iPhone 7, as the next model of iPhone 7 will be the same of its current model.iPhone 7 color

However, the Deep Blue Color will most likely be added for iPhone 7 this time, said the source.

Apart from this, the source said that the Apple is likely going to discontinue the space gray color for iphone7. As the Deep Blue color is going to add to the current Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold color to iPhone family. But what says the latest iphone 7 color rumor?

iPhone 7 color leaks: Is the upcoming iPhone color revealed?

iPhone 7 color is really revealed in the recent iPhone leak? Yes! It seems likely to come in Space Black which is more match to Apple Watch, as other rumors emerge; a latest iPhone color rumor suggests this.

Previously a Japanese Blog Macotakara report suggested that the iPhone 7 is going to be available in a deep blue color, swapping with Space Gray. But the Blog is now suggesting that this is not the real case.

In addition, the reporter said, “I have heard a piece of information that the space grey color would not be disconnected, rather than it would be possibly updated to darker color.Also, the new iPhone 7 color would not be deep blue, but possibly formal black which is very close to black”.

iphone 7 color

Moreover, The Blog said, “We’ve been told that the iPhone 7 will be available in a new Space Black finish that is similar to the Apple Watch color”.

However, The Japanese Blog Macotakara and 9to5Mac are both reporting that the Apple plans to switch a new Space Black finish up this year for iPhone 7 color. It will replace the space gray color for space black.

In fact, Space gray is much darker hue than the iPhone uses at present.

Though, Macotakara previously said that the new iPhone 7 color is going to be a Deep Navy Blue. But, presently the site has since changed its tune. And, revealed that the space black would be the upcoming iPhone 7 color.

iPhone 7 color rumor is plausible?

The recent iPhone 7 color rumor is absolutely plausible. As you know the space gray Apple Watch Sport is very closer to black than the iPhone’s version of the color.

iPhone 7 color

Moreover, it looks just as classic and elegant as the silver model of iPhone. The Apple has been selling the silver iPhone from the very beginning .

However, we except the new iPhone with a black front bezel instead of the silver’s white.

But, it’s not clear whether buyers would be able to select his desired color among black, white and space black option.

Finally, we can guess that the new iPhone 7 color will likely be space black instead of deep blue. The Japanese website Macotakara has published the same rumor in its report some days ago.