iPhone 7 camera rumors: First come out with dual camera

iPhone 7 camera rumors are screaming in the whole iPhone world. As you know that every time the Apple adds improved camera for its new iPhone. Probably you are trying to get the most authentic rumors regarding the next iPhone camera.

So, I guess you are eagerly waiting to know the new features for iPhone camera in this year. Well, in this article we, the iPhone7concept.com would like to provide you the most reliable news on iPhone camera. Definitely we will try heart and soul to give you the exact news on iPhone 7 camera.iPHone 7 camera

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The mostly discussed iPhone 7 camera rumors

Very recent a new photo of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 appeared on a French website Nowhereelse.fr,. The photo shows some major differences like the iPhone 7 has a much larger camera cut-out than its antecedent.

It means Apple is overhauling the iPhone 7 camera system in some ways. But, it’s not clear exactly what changes are coming with iPhone 7 camera mega pixels in this year.

However, the iPhone 7 plus is going to have a dual-camera system that sits flush against the body. Dual camera! You didn’t read anything wrong. First time Apple comes out dual camera with iPhone 7.iPhone 7 Dual camera

According to macrumors, the new iPhone 7 Plus dual-lens camera may arrive with optical zoom. It will allow this iPhone to take better snaps than many other typical cameras. In digital system you need to pinch to zoom your camera that results in a terrible rough photo.

In optical zoom system you can get more quality photo. For this reason, the second camera lens comes in with iPhone 7. Actually, it’s essentially a zoom lens.

Is the iPhone 7 dual camera rumors Plausible?

As you see there are no big surprises hidden in the leaked photo which may appears to be legit. The redesigned iPhone 7 camera has been rumored for quite some time. But, most of the improvement details are around the iPhone 7 Plus.

In addition, if the smaller model gets a camera quality make better, it might be a more compelling upgrade.iPhone 7 camera

Despite the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus have all most same features, but the larger one has a very small significant difference that is optical image stabilization.

Moreover, the iPhone 7 camera feature uses its gyroscope and camera array to steady your photos even if your hand shakes. The iPhone 6 and 6s depend on camera software to get the same effect. But, the resulting images aren’t quite as clear.

If the iPhone 7 camera has a dual-lens with optical zoom, it would be huge separation. Hopefully this iPhone 7 dual camera could beat for serious photo lover.

See the iPhone 7 Camera in this video.

How does the dual-lens camera work?

The previous rumor says that Apple is looking to bring a dual-lens camera to forthcoming iOS devices. According to LinX camera technology, the dual-lens included a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens.

A recent Apple patent shows for a split-screen viewfinder. With this iPhone 7 camera tool you can see the full image in the wide-angle lens. You can also use the telephoto lens to see the image zoom in.iPhone 7 dual camera

The camera will be able to take two separate pictures. One of the lenses could be used to shoot video and the other to take still snaps.

Apart from this, the new iPhone camera could also realize the technology of LinX to fix it all together into one really crisp image.

Lastly, the trend for bringing DSLR-quality cameras into smartphones is start. Like other smartphones, Apple may be feeling to create an equally-stunning photo experience to the upcoming iPhone 7. So, we can guess, If the dual-lens camera tools comes to execution in iPhone 7, it would help the iPhone 7 camera to regain its status as the best camera phone on the market.