How to use your iPhone 7 Bluetooth as an internet adapter for your PC?

iPhone 7 Bluetooth can connect your  PC with internet connection easily. How? Well, in this article I will explain the step by step process to make it easy! So, keep reading. Sometimes your PC has no internet connection. You can easily take advantage of the Personal Hotspot feature on your iPhone 7 to turn the phone into a Bluetooth Internet adapter.

Personal Hotspot works by sharing the iPhone’s data connection with other wireless-capable devices. However, some mobile phone carriers charge an additional fee to add Personal Hotspot capabilities to your monthly phone plan.

Set Up Personal Hotspot

In this section you need to set up your iPhone personal hotspot. So, lets start to do it that provided by iPhone 7 concept.

Step: 1

At first make sure whether the Bluetooth is enabled or not on your iPhone. If the Bluetooth remains off, switch it on.

iPhone 7 bluetooth

To make it happen Tap “Bluetooth” From your iPhone “Settings,” and then Tap the “Bluetooth” button to toggle it on. After that, press the home button on the iPhone to return to the Home screen.

Step: 2

Now   Tap “Settings >General > Cellular > Personal Hotspot

Step: 3

Now tap the “Personal Hotspot” button to toggle it to the ON position.

Pair your iPhone 7 Bluetooth with your PC

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In this section you have to pair your iPhone 7 Bluetooth with your PC.

Step: 1

Click the Start button on your Windows PC. Now type the word “Bluetooth” in the search box.

iphone 7 bluetooth

Step: 2

Now click the “Add a Bluetooth device” link.

Step: 3

Select your iPhone on the “Add a Device” dialog box, and click the “Next” button. At this stage, you will find a pairing code.

Step: 4

Now you need to enter the pairing code in the Bluetooth pairing dialog on your iPhone. Now click the “Pair” button.

Step: 5

At this step you need to Click Start on your computer, and then click “Devices and Printers.” Find out your iPhone from the devices and printers section, Right-click on your iPhone, and go to properties.

Step: 6

Now uncheck the “Wireless iAP” check box, and then click “OK.”

Step: 7

However, at this step you have to Right-click your iPhone again on the “Devices and Printers” dialog box. Now click on “Create Shortcut”. It will create a shortcut for your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection on your desktop.

Step 8

Now you are at the last step. At this step you need to Right-click the shortcut on your desktop and hover your mouse over “Connect Using,” Now click on “Access Point” to finish configuring your Bluetooth as an internet adapter for your PC.

So, that’s all about how to use your iPhone 7 Bluetooth as an internet adapter. Hope, it will be helpful for you.


Information in this article may vary slightly or significantly with different versions or products.

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