DSLR camera apps for iPhone: Make your iPhone camera like a DSLR

DSLR camera apps for iPhone are available in the market. And, you can easily get the best free camera app for iPhone in the web.

Moreover, the best video camera app for iPhone is also available. With the help of the DSLR camera apps, you can make your iPhone camera like a DSLR. I think you are interested to know the best camera app for iPhone 2016.

Well, I will give you a list. But, before that the iphone7concept would like to discuss about the DSLR camera apps for iPhone which will help you to make your iPhone camera like a DSLR. So, let’s start!


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The best DSLR camera apps for iPhone

There are bags of great photography apps in the iPhone App Store. And, these can help you turn every day moments into something really unique. As you know, the iPhone may never be equal the pure sensor size and lens quality of a DSLR camera. But, it’s far other portable, and connected.

And, I would like to thank these apps. They are even more powerful in their own way. Are you Ready to take your iPhone photography to the next level?  Here are the best DSLR camera apps for iPhone you need to get now!

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1. The Camera+ apps

The Camera+ is not only an excellent photo editing suite for the iPhone. Moreover, it can also provide as a entire iPhone Camera app replacement if you want it to.  You can get it Complete with a timer, stabilizer mode, and a lot more.  It’s a lot handier than the stock apps. The DSLR camera apps for iPhone have a huge step towards giving you as much control as you’d have with a professional DSLR.

Moreover, you can adjust some excellent things such as exposure, saturation, blur, and more like those.

The Light box integration of this iPhone DSLR app also lets you quickly flip through your photos. It also allows you to edit your photos before importing them to your Camera Roll.  But be sure it stays organized also.

However, many people asked for DSLR camera app for android free download and security camera app for iPhone.

But, these are another thing.  But If you want to get an all-in-one camera replacement app which is paired with an editing suite, the Camera+ DSLR apps is a must go for you.

2. ProCamera 7

Though the ProCamera 7 is verymuch similar to the Camera+, but it has a layout that’s a little more user friendly than Camera+. You can use this DSLR camera app for iPhone as a replacement for the default Camera app. and this is the one option that you will like to use.

You will find that the ProCamera 7 handles night shots slightly better than Camera+. Moreover, this app allows you to produce less noise. But if you need to edit and fine tuning your photos you must jump into Camera+. Otherwise, if you want to get the best shot right from the start, you normally turn to ProCamera 7 app.

However, if your main target is to get the best possible attempt having minor editing effort, the ProCamera 7 is the best DSLR Camera apps for iPhone replacement that you really need.

3. Snapseed


Snapseed is one of the best DSLR camera apps for iPhone. Though, There’s nothing awfully advanced about Snapseed, but if you handle it  to get a decent shot in-camera and need to edit very minimal work, then  Snapseed  app will allow you to make less edits in a very short time.

So, you need Just to swipe through different editing tools. And, then choose by sliding your finger up and down over the images you want to edit.  After that swipe left and right to adjust the different types of intensity.

You can quickly evaluate the original and the edited version by tapping the photo as well with this app. And, that’s all there is to this awesome iPhone camera app.

4. Tadaa SLR

The Tadaa SLR iPhone camera app has a lot of quick edit tools.  But the most important feature of this app is its serves up option.  And, this option makes it a must have DSLR camera apps for iPhone.

However, we sometimes desire the blurring effect during focusing on a subject. You can easily do this task With Tadaa SLR.  Just tell the app where your subject is and adjust the blur type and potency accordingly. Apart from this, you can also bring up and down other levels to highlight to blend the image more attractive.

However, if you want blur effects on your iPhone photo, there’s no better choice than the Tadaa SLR iPhone app.

5. Slow Shutter Cam

The Slow Shutter Cam is another DSLR camera app for iPhone. This app has two great things. One you can create an amazing long exposure shot and another is it will help you tackle night time photography.

Moreover, you will get the complete control over shutter speed and exposure with this Slow Shutter Cam app. You can grab light streaks and motion blur. It is just like you can with long exposures using a DSLR in fact.

However, there are no limits to what you can create.  This is especially for if you get your hands on a tripod for your iPhone.

The Slow Shutter Cam can help you to gather every possible bit of light without motion blur for low light photos. You can capture excellent photos that are brighter and less noisy than the stock Camera app.

More than using Slow Shutter Cam, you can see a photo on the left and the far right. However, the Slow Shutter Cam iPhone camera app is perfect for long exposures and better night photography. If you have intense interest in it, you may go for the awesome iPhone camera apps.

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Lastly, your iPhone camera may be less performer  than a DSLR, but with the help of some DSLR camera apps for iPhone you can make it  like a DSLR. Its really awesome!