Best iPhone 7 cases Leak, Buy Lifeproof Cases from Amazon

Best iPhone 7 cases? Yes! I know the psychology! When we are in buying mode, always we try to have the best one for us. Surprisingly, the best iPhone 7 cases are available in the market now!

A recent rumor suggests that the Apple is going to release new iPhone 7 on 7th September in an event. It would be   ‘iPhone 7’ September 7 event. So, you have to wait some days! But if you want to get the best iPhone 7 cases for your next smartphone, you can have it right now! Sounds great, right?

What are the best iPhone 7 cases available in the market?

As you know Spigen is one of the first major Apple accessory makers who are making iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases. They guaranteed to fit the cases with Apple’s new device launching next week at its Sept. 7 press event.

You would be glad to know that every iPhone 7 case in the company’s new updated line has been redesigned specifically for the new device.

However, the new iPhone 7 cases are included both an iPhone 7 case collection and iPhone 7 Plus case collection.

So, here’s a first look at the new Spigen iPhone 7 cases lineup available now:

Armor Protection

There are four types of Armor Protections are available in the market-

  • Slim Armor     best iPhone 7 cases
  • Tough Armor
  • Style Armor
  • Hybrid Armor

In fact, Spigen’s new Armor line-up has been designed to fit the new iPhone 7accurately. It offers military grade protection from drops and scratches of your iPhone 7.

Most of the people are mostly familiar with their Slim and Tough Armor line. But for the first time ever, Spigen is offering their well- known dual layer design with a transparent TPU (for certain colors).

Moreover, The new crystal clear touch is seen once again on their brand new Hybrid Armor case. The case sports a fresh new design that repeats the antenna-line redesign on the iPhone 7.

Hybrid Protection

There are three types of hybrid protection cases are available in the market:

  • Crystal Hybrid
  • Neo Hybrid
  • Neo Hybrid Crystal

I do believe that you would be happy to know that some of the new iPhone 7 cases have a built-in kickstand. It is for propping up the device for on-the- go hands-free viewing. So, I think these may be the best iPhone 7 cases for you. The kickstand of the case is made of a lightweight metal. And it includes a spring contraption and a magnetic latch.

However, Spigen also has its $10 Universal Metal Kickstand that can be added to any case or right to the phone itself. It’s really nice, right?

Others include built-in card holders:


 Spigen always offers a large variety of cases and cardholder cases are one of them. There are three types of Cardholder cases.

  • Slim Armor CS
  • Flip Armor
  • Wallet S

In fact, these iPhone cases are not only secure and convenient; they also provide heavy duty protection of your device. Moreover, the new Flip Armor line features a bottom divide that is designed to expose a two-card compartment. Moreover, it will come in a new transparent TPU for certain colors.

Slim Protection

Those who are looking for less bulk and some decent protection for their iPhone, Spigen’s slim protection line will be right up your alley, Right? Lets see the types of this slim protection iPhone  7  cases.

  • Liquid Armor
  • Rugged Armor
  • Thin Fit
  • Air Skin

These types of iPhone cases have simple designs that come in flexible, semi-soft, or hard casing styles. However, it protect your device without disrupting the original aesthetic of the iPhone 7. So, these are the best iPhone 7 cases as per my opinion.

Transparent Series

The Transparent protection iPhone cases are one of the most popular casing choices for the Apple users.So, You can buy one for you.  The types of this iPhone cases are:

  • Liquid Crystal
  • Ultra Hybrid
  • Ultra Hybrid S
  • Crystal Shell

As per the amazon best selling iPhone cases the Ultra Hybrid case being one of the best-selling cases in all of Amazon. Moreover, the cases will also come with the new magnetic metal kickstands for extra bit of convenience.

In Addition, Spigen’s new line-up of crystal clear cases will be flying off the shelves. So, Grab Spigen’s transparent line-up and start showing off that new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus worry-free from drops and scratches.

Lastly, Spigen’s GLAS.tR Slim Screen Protectors (2pack) for iPhone 7  is also available now. And if you want to buy the best iPhone 7 cases you can definitely choice it for you.